Love what you see, but need something specific? I would love to work one on one with you to create something uniquely yours. 

First I'll try to get a sense for what you're needing (colors, size, material, vibe, budget) along with any references you provide. Then we'll sit down together and have a chat. During this time, we cover the tangible needs like size, color, material, and budget. We'll also investigate the intangibles like who and why , what you want your custom piece to feel like, and what messages and energy you want embedded.

In the past, people have commissioned me for:

  • Interior design: larger work utilizing colors that compliment a preexisting design theme or style
  • Memorial: deeply emotional work honoring a deceased loved one
  • Milestone: celebratory work that commemorates an achievement, an anniversary, a birth, a life transition
  • Personal: work that reflects something about you and your journey that most people don't see
  • Experiential*: the most interactive and hands on option!  the experiential commission process will include a 75 minute facilitated creative session. You start, I'll finish.

Pricing: Investments range anywhere from $200 to $10,000 depending on size, material, and techniques required. This does not include framing, though I would be happy to make recommendations based on your needs.

Fill out this quick questionnaire and we'll get right back to you!