Hiya! I'm Rya. Thank you for taking the time to check out my art. Whatever you're experiencing in response right now - any feelings, sensations, memories, questions - it's all welcome here. In fact, that's what lies at the heart of my work - those innermost happenings. Something about largely invisible experiences made visible and tangible has the power to at times shift something deep within - and to me, that's magic. So that's what I'm after, really, is listening to my guides and playing with colors, textures, rhythms, and forms to give those internal experiences a visual voice. Through my art, I hope to bring solace and celebration to those who are searching. - Rya


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Mark Makings Tools


Rya Wu Art CV

Solo Exhibitions


    November - TBD @ Miro Tea & Gallery, Seattle, WA
    September - Falling into Place @ Upstairs by Off Alley, Seattle, WA
    June - Birthing a Dream @ Outpost Gallery, Seattle, WA
    May - Tender Excavations @ Found Gallery, Seattle, WA
    April - Lucid Dreams @ City of Light Gallery, Seattle, WA


      November - Form/ Function @ Miro Tea & Gallery, Seattle, WA
      July - Tender Excavations @ Seattle ReCreative, Seattle, WA


        Group Exhibitions


        January - Home to Me @ Slip Gallery, Seattle, WA


            August - Life is But a Dream @ BallardWorks, Seattle, WA
            August - Outpost Gallery at Base Camp Studios, Seattle, WA
            July - Willows Orchard, Whidbey Island, WA
            May - Intersections @ Graphite Gallery, Edmonds, WA
            February - Love Art & Heartbreak group show @ Nepantla Gallery, Seattle, WA


              April - Modern Margins @ Milk Gallery, Tacoma, WA