Rya Wu is a self-taught abstract intuitive artist exploring our innermost happenings through paint, sculpture, and social practice art. With a background as a life coach and jeweler, she reflects on the human experience with a curiosity for mixed materiality. You can find her most days either in her home studio in Ballard, at the glass studio, or at artist run gallery Bent in downtown.

A note from the artist:

Hiya! I'm Rya. Whatever you're experiencing right now - any feelings, sensations, memories, questions - it's all welcome here. In fact, that's what lies at the heart of my work - those innermost happenings. Something about largely invisible experiences made visible and tangible has the power to at times shift something deep within - and to me, that's magic. So that's what I'm after, really, is listening to my guides and playing with colors, textures, rhythms, and forms to give those internal experiences a visual voice. Through my art, I hope to bring solace and celebration to those who are searching.



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