Rya Wu: Abstract Intuitive Artist, Creative Mentor, and Community Builder


late twenties eastern asian femme smiling through white ribbons

Rya Wu, a Seattle-born artist and first-generation Taiwanese American, expertly blends her passion for fostering healing through art and community with her diverse background in psychology, silversmithing, life coaching, and jewelry making. As a self-taught abstract intuitive artist, Rya's unique approach to mixed materiality showcases her mastery of various mediums, including paint, sculpture, and social practice art.

Rya's artwork captures the innermost happenings of the human experience, reflecting her commitment to giving a visual voice to the largely invisible experiences of people's emotions, memories, and questions. Her dedication to uplifting marginalized voices and building community is evident through her work as a creative mentor, curator, and storyteller. Rya's art aims to offer solace and celebration to those on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

Rya can be found in her home studio in the vibrant Ballard neighborhood, at the glass studio, or at Uptown's newest QTBIPOC creative hub, The Fishbowl. Her distinctive artistic style and ability to work with diverse materials make her an ideal choice for clients seeking an innovative and skilled artist for their personal or professional projects.

A personal message from Rya:

"Hello, I'm Rya. Whatever you're experiencing right now – any feelings, sensations, memories, questions – it's all welcome here. My work is rooted in making the invisible visible and tangible, which I believe has the power to create deep, transformative shifts within. I strive to listen to my guides and play with colors, textures, rhythms, and forms to give our internal experiences a visual voice. Through my art, I hope to bring solace and celebration to those who are searching. Xx, Rya"

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