Collection: Form/Function

A collection of abstract forms inspired by the whimsical works of Mirò. The making of this series focuses on exploring the delight and wonder of forms as they emerge on the canvas, rather than manufacturing something instantly recognizable, acceptable. The artist invites viewers to get curious, engage with the colors and shapes, get to know them, and see what stories emerge.

What would happen if we were to give ourselves and each other room to emerge, to become in our own time, at our own rhythm. What if we were to accept and allow our own corporal forms to exist as they do, without rushing to edit, erase, or hide.

"This collection is like a little love song to my younger self. It's about finding beauty in the forms that be, regardless of their utility or function. Like, you are beautiful and worthy as you are, and how someone sees you or how they can use you is irrelevant and not at all why we're here. So put your curiosity cap on and keep following the bread crumbs. I promise you that it'll be worth it." xx, rya

Please email ( to schedule a private viewing at the artist's studio in Belltown . Thank you!