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Rya Art

Wild Weed

Wild Weed

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Original abstract painting by Rya Wu

  • Acrylic and tempera on archival paper
  • Dimensions: 18x24
  • Ships unframed

Your painting will ship within 1-2 weeks from date of payment. Thank you for your patience and support!

You know how it's awful right after a mudslide? The flora and fauna and little critters along the river bank have been displaced, if not already destroyed. The path the water takes is never the same again. And yet if you're patient, and you check in every so often in the months and years following, you find that new trees and weeds have since grown, and new critters now inhabit the area. It's like that, Life. Over and over and over again.  And if we could just have faith, a little patience, and believe in our own resiliency - we'll find that when we're ready, we'll be wildly and uncontrollably springing up to meet life again. And before long, we'll be utterly untamable, and the world will learn to love us just so. -Rya

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