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Rya Art

Through Better or Worse

Through Better or Worse

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Part of Nepantla Cultural Center's February exhibition Love, Art, and Heartbreak - Rya's original diptych Through Better or Worse explores the hope, humility, courage, and faith it takes to traverse the landscape of love across time and distance. Pulling from her own relationship of over 13 years with her highschool sweetheart, she shows that it's not all just rainbows and butterflies, but deep, hard, personal work.




Mixed media on archival paper

18 x 24 inches each (2 count)

Framed in minimalist white frames (2 count)



I used to tell my coaching clients that relationships are basically one big triggerfest, in the most positive way possible. Here is someone who is willing to go there with you, to see see you at your worst, to see the most broken and tender bits, and love you anyway. Your job is to love yourselves and each other back to wholeness. And get help! Lots of it. Mentors, family, friends, therapists. Work through everything that comes up for yourself and for each other. The stronger you both become in yourselves, the stronger you are as a couple also. It's a beautiful journey, for however long it feels right for you. And it does take so much courage, and so much faith. But you have courage and I have faith so hop back in there and see what happens! xx, Rya




Unframed works on paper ship within 3-5 business days. Large works on canvas are available for local pickup within 1-2 business days. If not local to the greater Seattle area, please inquire via email for works on canvas shipping quote. Thank you for your patience and support!

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