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Rya Art

Still Here

Still Here

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Original abstract painting by Rya Wu

  • Acrylic and tempera on archival paper
  • Dimensions: 18x24
  • Ships unframed

Your painting will ship within 1-2 weeks from date of payment. Thank you for your patience and support!

They say that the world out there can break a person. They say it'll take the best parts of you, the parts that sparkle and glow - the magical bits. They say that that kind of damage can't be undone. I know what that's like - I've seen it. It haunts you - late at night, in rush hour traffic, at the office, the gym, the edge of a cliff. It's heartbreaking and soul crushing. But you know, I've also seen a person like that come back - tattered yes - but still here, if you know what I mean. I've seen them cling on to that last shred of their soul, begging God to help them find the light again. And I've seen the color return to their eyes, their skin, their laughter. So if you ever find yourself feeling even just a little too far gone, I want you to give it a moment. You may find that those sparkling glowing parts of you are very much still here. You just have to give them a little time. I'll wait right here with you. -Rya

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