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Between Bodies

Between Bodies

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Between Bodies - an original wall piece by Rya Wu

Approx. 20" x 40"x 1/4"

Acrylic, graphite, charcoal, and glass on birch panel



About the series:

Form/Function: A collection of abstract forms inspired by the whimsical works of Mirò. 

The making of this series focuses on exploring the delight and wonder of forms as they emerge on the canvas, rather than dictating and manipulating something instantly recognizable. The artist invites viewers to take a moment to engage with the colors and shapes, to get to know them, and see what stories emerge.

Much like you and I, what would happen if we were to give ourselves and each other room to emerge, to become in our own time, at our own rhythm? What if we were to accept and allow our own corporal forms to exist as they do, without rushing to edit, erase, or hide?

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